customers, many shop owners just to make money, not from the point of view of consumers, customer complaints are also sometimes the owner of a satire, how can such shops retain customers, but also how to make the business of the shop is more prosperous? So, if you want to do business, but also need to listen to the customer, then oh.

my next door is a small restaurant, every noon there will always be some easy parents with their children to eat a meal at noon, save the trouble of a shuttle. Because next to the restaurant, my small supermarket also follow moneymaking businesses do a lot of parents and children’s business.

have a look only five or six year old little girl holding a spoon in your mouth, do not swallow the rice and vegetable roll ran to my shop, see here there to see a pair of very curious. Her chubby face still had a grain of rice, very cute.

I went to smiling to ask: "the kids how a person? No one to accompany you?" I see the question, she lost her spoon picked up a toy mobile phone with voice said: "I want this sugar! This fun, the last time my mother bought." Before I opened my mouth, a middle-aged woman hurried to come over and took the little girl by the hand! This is very expensive, the inside of the sugar you do not eat. Go, go, eat quickly, or else you will not be a grandmother ah." Say words to do to walk.

the little girl was so loud that she opened her mouth and cried out in the mouth. Seeing this situation, I quickly come up with a paper towel to help the little girl clean rice and coax: "good, don’t cry! Listen to your grandmother, eat the meal is a good child!" I learned how to look like a kindergarten teacher. This is indeed effective, the little girl obediently took her grandmother handed over the rice bowl.

the grandmother watching children eat the side told me: "you don’t know, US than rich people. Every day with her on the restaurant to spend money, but also every day to go to the supermarket to buy food and drink, how can there be so much money ah."

"children eat snacks are not good. Also can not all with the children to buy what ah!" I speak to my little girl’s grandmother.

"Hey, boss, I love to hear you say that!" Grandma excited: "last time in the East Street supermarket, the child to buy a big box of chocolate, thirty or forty dollars, I did not buy. The boss told me that I was stingy, the children do not like to buy things. And it’s a rare thing like me. Originally wanted to buy a small piece of chocolate to the child, he said I was so angry that I turned away. I won’t go to his house later."

that day, the grandmother seems to meet a confidant and I talked about a long time. The children would like to fast, mobile phone.

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