2016 what are the top ten profiteering industry? As the saying goes, men fear into the wrong line, afraid of marrying the wrong woman Lang. Due to the different nature of the industry, the industry has decided to have different development space and profitability. For entrepreneurs, look for the most profitable industry, to go to the venture to make money!

China’s top ten profiteering industry: cosmetics

man might suspect that Dabao is a huge product? NO. Here is the import of high-end cosmetics products.

SK-II famous fairy water in China retail price of 560 yuan, and its manufacturing cost is only RMB 6.5 yuan. Surprised? Even if the R & D costs are added to each cost no more than 10 yuan. Shiseido 650 yuan /50 grams of eye cream packaging costs even less than $10. And those 150 yuan low-end Aupres cream costs only 3 yuan.

ten of China’s top two profiteering industry: commodity

among the most profitable of personal cleaning chemicals. In toothpaste, for example, one of the most expensive ingredients – blowing agent cost is only 600 yuan / ton or even lower, and this $600 foaming agent can fill up to the maximum number of 180 grams of toothpaste. The remaining cost of the effective ingredient is negligible, the amount of calcium carbonate powder per ton cost is only about 120 yuan, the most advanced fluoride toothpaste, the effective ingredient – sodium fluoride per ton cost but $100.

China’s top ten profiteering industry of the three: beverage

non carbonated fruit juice drinks the biggest profit, the market price of 2 yuan of retail fruit juice beverage packaging costs and equipment costs only about 7 cents, and cans of drink is lower, only about $5.

China’s top ten profiteering industry, four: Liquor

to Wuliangye brewery as an example, per tonne of food can produce about 100 Jin Jin Liquor, 10 of which the most good quality is Wuliangye, the rest is used as what wuliangchun, Liuyang River, similar to the low-end products. The acquisition price per ton of food is about 1600 dollars, while the production of goods in the market can reach up to about $15000 retail.

we do not believe that some of the so-called liquor N aging, manufacturers did not really go to the aging of the patient, but is a catalyst to accelerate the fermentation process of modern industry.

ten of China’s top five profiteering industry: imported drugs

imported drugs profiteering everyone knows. In the eyes of ordinary people, the profits of imported drugs should be the most

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