is now in a way around some of the people to promote entrepreneurship in Dalian recently launched 99 yuan business card, I believe there are a lot of people should be heard for the first time.

Only need to pay 99 yuan a month can be assigned to

, the public record space.   in August 6th, this business model in Dalian Pu Pu new district, Kim Pu 99 public space, the official operation.

"Pu 99 multi-creation space" co sponsored by Pu District Science and Technology Bureau, people club Bureau, Ma Street and Dalian Lang and sub group, covers an area of 827 square meters, including 99 business card Office (partition), business area and nursery multi-creation cafe. Entrepreneurs need to pay 99 yuan monthly fee for each card, you can enjoy the property management, standardization of hydropower, heating, high-speed broadband, wireless network services. Entrepreneurial nursery area for the development of better incubation enterprises to provide professional, independent and stronger development space. At the same time supporting the construction of "public record" coffee is entrepreneurs for business places, also held the main site of business counseling seminars, raise public roadshow, hit off the debate, a passenger exchange, angel investment, venture Star Contest and other entrepreneurial salon activities and provide an environment for a mutual exchange and common room the development of. Entrepreneurs as long as 18 years old, submit a project plan can be settled in the public space.

and the general public record space, here the configuration of the a good volunteer tutors, with different stages and different levels of intelligence support for entrepreneurs. At the same time, a number of investment companies stationed here for long-term financial support for the incubation results. In order to ensure a virtuous cycle of business, the public record space proposed time limit: open business card for 99 days, 199 days of incubation time for entrepreneurial nursery.

Deputy party secretary Di Shujun


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