in modern society, many people love about the family and friends together to taste the cake for dessert, enjoy a pleasant time, now very popular hollyland, as a popular creative pastry desserts, hollyland has become new business entrepreneurs targeting the choice of consumer trust hollyland join? Soft, of sweet taste of Haoliland, open a hollyland stores, Unlimited Business Opportunities, joined the broad prospects.

1. no decoration shop decoration

asked students how to choose the store, we give the answer is mainly to see the decoration, service, and then is more than taste. So a new, eye-catching store will always be more people of all ages, so many stores are often renovated during the summer holiday shops, in order to win the opening of the school with many students to patronize.

2. students are lazy, but also the opportunity to point


in the university is doing well the cake franchisee said, the school students are in fact very lazy. Many students’ dormitory is 2 minutes away from the store, and he will ask you to go to his dorm. You do not want to send or do not want to send a little later, they will not be the possibility of consumption. The boss summed up the past few years of business, the most important thing is to seek and should be a student, a cup is also sent, their business is not willing to send in other people’s bad attitude or pick up. In particular, everyone is now playing WeChat, a little bit of O2O to send a meal to become the inevitable choice of lazy students!

3. to look at the service from the customer’s point of view

a former shop outside the school, and now the boss in the school shop, the school cafeteria, cake shop service is relatively poor. It’s not that they don’t want to be good, or are they aware. For example, there are basically a lot of campus stores are not uniform work clothes; and then there are some stores, always a person sitting to the customer orders, and even packaged drinks are sitting. If these students go to other stores feel better service, sooner or later these shops will be abandoned.

if the entrepreneurs who want to open the door of the dessert market, you might consider joining hollyland excellent reputation as a brand, popular dessert, the investment of natural and relaxed showmanship, really good brand, do not worry about the market. Join hollyland will open new opportunities, the future is infinitely good.

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