for Shi Yuzhu’s products, it can be said that the market are very familiar with, because of the unique advertising operations, so that they are households. But after melatonin, gold partner, gold wine market, the result is not so significant, which is closely related to nature and its advertising campaign. Among them, it was the beginning of the use of emotional appeal, the effect is not bad, but why give up later?

the advertisement is mainly composed of two old actor, an opening with the traditional way to China gesprochen gold wine taste to say, "soft line entrance, throat", with performers speaking, feeling China traditional flavor. Then the two performers will be the product of ginseng, pilose antler, etc. with the main components of traditional Chinese health care is expressed, pointing out the health care of the product positioning. More wonderful is the two elder in the taste of a child like after the start of the jostling for the bottle of wine, the owner clearly said, "this is my daughter to buy me a drink, want to let your son to buy"! To consumers that the wine should be a young group of young people to buy gifts for the elderly.

see the advertisement message, generally include: brand name gold wine, health wine belongs to the nature of the product, the product features a soft entrance throat, the source of the product for the Wuliangye group products, raw materials for ginseng velvet and other products, the target consumer group for older consumers, product positioning for high-end gifts, etc.. In such a dense process of information dissemination, if there is no more intensive advertising broadcast frequency is unable to achieve the desired results.

according to the marketing experience of the past, the giant team believes that such ads only need three to six months to achieve the objective, so they decisively stopped the advertising, instead of the Shi Yuzhu type advertisement widely criticized. "

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