after 10 years of development, the western restaurant has been commonplace in China’s cities and towns. Western restaurant is a good choice to join the business. Today, through the exquisite site selection skills, let Xiaobian teach you to open a popular Western restaurant.

choose restaurant shop mainly consider the street room, at least I should be the alley street, near the location of the. More concentrated residential areas. Of course, they all focus on a better place. Because the catering business, especially the western restaurant is the most attention to the vicinity of the store there are enough people, there is a flow of passengers, there will be a flow of money, which is the last word.

although the shop is well selected, almost equal to half the success of the shop, do not worry no source. However, in order to do business for a long time, there is a restaurant location problem. If the location is selected the company office area, consumer groups are engaged in trade or business management personnel, many of whom are white-collar workers, the consumption level is relatively high, the restaurant location to them as the key in the restaurant environment should pay attention to some, consumer prices should be determined according to their "taste" to "tailor"

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