entrepreneurship is not just the field of young people, many middle-aged people under pressure to choose the two business life, although they do not have the vitality of young people, but with perseverance can also create an entrepreneurial venture.

have to open a small proficiency in a particular line, her barbecue shop, she got the idea of family support. Home also laid off the two sisters, and she is willing to work together, so that the three support each other, to raise funds to open a barbecue shop. Everything is hard in the beginning, at first, Li Juan due to the lack of experience in purchasing, buy beef and mutton are being inject water, have to throw away; when there are barbecue for long enough, the customer to reflect bad taste; then added between the same industry competition, barbecue shop opened a month, Li Juan not only failed to make money also, loss of 400 yuan, she is not discouraged, but a careful analysis of the reasons and lessons. She first learn purchasing skills from experienced purchaser, strict customs of raw materials; in order to improve the "roast", she often learn skills to a well-known barbecue shop; in order to form their own signs, she worked hard from the knife, cooking, cooking, color, aroma and taste to learning expert technique, finally formed its own unique the flavor, and also developed several characteristics of barbecue, barbecue variety increased.

to establish credibility, students not only do business in good conscience Debbie, the operation is strictly integrity. At one time, a customer is not busy because of the trip, the bag forgotten in the barbecue shop, there are thousands of dollars in the bag and recommended

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