a lot of ducks of the body are in the catering sector treasure, what fans duck blood, duck, duck wings, duck, Roasted Duck and so on, small to focus on the basics of duck today, presumably duck are one of the delicacy of love! Duck is delicious, spicy and delicious, let a person remember spicy fun, Pierre roast duck production practices were rigorous, elegant, taste fresh enough, countless epigone, lead a person to endless aftertastes, unlimited prospects. The investment project is the investment market hot food! Remember Pierre roast duck to join, Seiko secret agents, bring the real brand food, standardized operation, quality assurance, franchisee success more quickly and more easily.

remember Pierre roast duck neck join conditions what


1, a legal person, natural person or other organization with legal qualifications;

2, good health, with intentions to operate;

3, have good conduct, agree with the general social morality and values.

4, familiar with the local market environment and consumer demand;

5, with good business reputation and character;

6, with a good business reputation, strong interpersonal skills, financial management skills.

Wuhan roast duck neck to remember Pierre is vigorously investment, delicious, get the praise of customers, the future market prospect, good profit. To meet the above conditions, can apply to join remember Pierre roast duck, delicious opportunities waiting for you to join

to create wealth!

If you want to join

remember Pierre roast duck neck, please leave a comment below on our website consultation, let us know your willingness to join. If you have anything to join the problem is not clear, you can contact us, we will patiently help you answer.

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