now there are a lot of shops for the positioning of a part of the crowd, such as high-end women’s shoes store, the number of services is limited and special, how to do a good job in this regard, it is worth a good study.

because of brand shoes for the specific target consumer group, emphasizing the brand individuality, including product style, brand shoes store design, brand planning and other aspects. Only when the product style, store style and brand image, brand personality is revealed. Therefore, the market is very important to foil brand image. Store in the brand shoes, not just the place of sale, but also a personality display. Store design style, props, lighting, and so on to enhance the quality of women’s shoes brand, enhance the value of brand shoes.


management skills

how to run high-end shoes stores? Select Print, then a small shop, also have exquisite color printing, in addition to leaflets opening and promotion period issued, the conditions can also print color pictures, generally about 20 pages, there are business philosophy, product knowledge, maintenance knowledge, product pictures, engineering case etc.. If you take into account the cost, you can use the computer to print a copy. Of course, on the order of the basic content, name, address and price less, especially must specify style, there may be a fashion drawing room, so make fewer unnecessary errors in machining and installation in the process of convergence. The use of orders can not only give the customer a sense of standardization, but also to ensure the implementation of all aspects of internal responsibility system, do not ignore this piece of paper. Brand shoes. The calculation formula of brand shoes, put on the wall, now online painting and tile including curtains have a calculator, can be calculated online material price formula, is no longer the secret, so it will be posted on the wall, than you posted the integrity of the glass window on the business to have more confidence.

right now is the consumer favorite words, consumers sometimes according to their own price formula, to reduce the human cost of service, and can feel like shopping in the freedom, and the price acceptable degree will be a little higher. If you want to make a fortune by a short foot and a few inches now, don’t start a shop again.

again, joining the brand female shoe store merchandise display the role of the media is more powerful than any. Visualization of goods, static

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