in the daily life, the breakfast shop everywhere, in the high streets and back lanes at the same time, the increasingly popular breakfast shop, has attracted people’s attention, which in the breakfast shop management, interior decoration style is also very important.

modern people’s fast-paced life, in order to catch the little time to eat breakfast at home, so a breakfast shop is a good choice. But to open a breakfast shop in order to have a good business environment, which requires the decoration. How to fix breakfast breakfast? What are the details of the breakfast shop decoration?.

Whether the

to the corner configuration of some special hardware such as: small basket, basket, basket, corner rotating barrel, can use normally reach space.

A special cabinet making

if the corner in the island, the corner is designed to use both sides of the cabinet, so that all can make full use of the space. And specific to a breakfast shop decoration, mainly from the ceiling, floor, wall, wood products, paint and electrical, hydraulic etc..

: wall decorative wall when no matter what the use of decoration materials to do first base treatment. The decoration of the wall to use wallpaper paste solid, surface color consistency, no hollowing, cracks, curling and ruffles, wrinkles and stains, no side glue mark. Near wall paint no off powder, peeling, brush, lumps, leakage phenomenon at the end. The same color, no blisters and brush lines.

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