no matter what business to do, to do new projects, you can win more returns. 2013 Investment what to make money? Open a Chinese medicine barbecue shop, bring you great business opportunities. The project features full, operating market gaps, huge business opportunities, such as you earn!

"I opened Chinese barbecue shop, not only see this lucrative business opportunities, but also by the Chinese barbecue founder Gao Jianxiao Rao not to create a brand will and impressed by the spirit."

1993 years, the poor family of Gao Jianxiao with 80 yuan tolls, alone came to a construction site as a porter. One evening after work, Gao Jianxiao faint in the ground, when he woke up, a barbecue smell. He opened his eyes, a man hand holding water, holding a few strings for him to eat barbecue.

thoroughly tempered, thoroughly tempered in the fruition of today, Chinese barbecue business for the majority of investors to the broad market, can not miss the opportunity to get rich. Traditional Chinese medicine barbecue more healthy, more nutritious, everyone loves healthy food!

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