hot pot has always been a leader in the food and beverage industry investment, of course, features a hot pot to join the brand is more popular with investors. This is a new era of innovation, the traditional Hot pot project nature is difficult to satisfy the consumer demand, in such a market background, the fish Hot pot is a special brand project, which is a fish Hot pot furnace roll successful Hot pot franchise brand.

in the development process, the furnace has been rolling will uphold the more delicious to consumers, and further create a more influential feature of the hot pot to join the chain of brand efforts. A lot of people are willing to join the furnace rolling fish hot pot, then how much money to join this brand?

How much does it cost to join the

hot pot?

join the cost is 38000 yuan, after joining, the company will provide technical training, giving clothing, menus, design and other products, while the company will provide a range of services to join the franchisee to make money easily. First joined the service, professional training team, the top marketing, so that the hot rolling pot of fish to join the cause of the more prosperous, attracting a large number of entrepreneurs to join, and by their unanimous praise.

unified secret material package, unified distribution, unified business model, furnace rolling fish hot pot franchise to a stable taste, standard business model to ensure the normal operation of the franchise stable. Furnace roll will be the perfect integration of the concept of franchise stores, to ensure a successful opening of a franchise,

‘s unique taste, professional shop management guidance, model of the food production process, so that franchisees without any dining experience can successy operate a fish Hot pot stores.

open a delicious popular fish Hot pot shop, give yourself a great entrepreneurial choice, through their own efforts and the support of the brand, to achieve their purpose of making money, to join the brand to go on the road to success. Small series introduced, I believe that we have a very clear understanding of the brand, the furnace rolling fish hot pot to join the cost is relatively low, join or a good choice!

if you are interested in the furnace to join the fish hot pot, then please leave a message to us at the bottom of our website, we will arrange staff to contact you after seeing the message.

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