now with the development of domestic commercial economy, more and more merchants exhibition is held in the society at the same time, some of this investment exhibition also attracted a large number of entrepreneurs and enterprises concerned, so, in time to participate in the exhibition are all need to pay attention to what?

The development of

to organize large-scale investment, attract domestic development zones in batches need to be fixed, the theme, and gradually formed the brand. For example, the German enterprise cluster investment, or the German machinery industry investment promotion in China, the formation of a long-term mechanism for several years to do, can attract enough domestic personnel to participate.

Second, invited attractive in germany.

Third, Chinese promotion in the local government and the Development Zone in.

Fourth, the diversity of the exhibition form.

in the exhibition publicity before, is often the key, both before the meeting theme publicity, create self reputation and brand. Also includes the needs of both sides of the meeting, the initial docking on the Internet, the formation of online and interactive effects of the meeting. The exhibition itself, including presentation, recommendation

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