in the difficult employment problem is becoming more and more serious today, whether young or middle-aged laid-off workers now, entrepreneurship has become another opportunity to develop their own business, the government continued to support the introduction of the policy today, business investment has become a hot topic. The whole network Xiaobian to introduce a laid-off worker investment story.

4 the end of the month, the city of Chengdu in recognition of the third moral model, Wenjiang district a cleaning company female boss Huang Guorong once again on the list. The 51 year old laid-off workers, in 10 years, with their own hands and the concept of honesty and trustworthiness, out of a road to success, dedication and interpretation of the truth from the laid-off workers to excellent enterprise managers, venture star "turned gorgeous". Before

here, Huang Guorong also has won the "Sichuan province model worker", "Sichuan Province, the 38 red banner pacesetter" dozens of honors. In 2012, the national employment and entrepreneurship award ceremony, she won the highest award – by the State Council for the national employment and entrepreneurship outstanding individuals, and awarded the gold medal.

2004 one day, Huang Guorong home toilet blocked. Pipeline dredging workers only two minutes to get, charging $50. The money spent dearly, but let Huang Guorong found a business opportunity: why don’t I do my own business?!

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