in recent years, the furniture industry develops very fast, many of my friends are aimed at the furniture market, however, due to improper management, coupled with the vicious competition, at present, the furniture industry in a state of excess capacity, so the furniture market is becoming more competitive, many brands are constantly looking for their own way to deal with. Whether it is the transformation of the industry or dig channels, positive change is a good start.

however such a good market environment in 2005, there was a significant change. A large number of domestic enterprises surging into the industry, the real estate market downturn, so the household business into an oversupply, overcapacity predicament. With the continuous development of the market economy, the drawbacks of the household industry are becoming more and more obvious, some enterprises begin to face the crisis of  . However, we can not fully attributed the reason to the market environment, but also their own mismanagement, channel construction can not keep up, the cost is too high. The development of the market has its own laws, the elimination of the adaptive, backward enterprises, leaving the elite, excellent enterprises, in order to allow the overall level of the industry showed a rising trend. In this context, furniture enterprises only to maintain a sense of crisis, and constantly improve the level of management is the key.

Second, furniture enterprises should continuously improve brand awareness. In this era of homogenization of products, enterprises must establish brand awareness, brand strategy, brand promotion. Of course, the most critical is the brand awareness of the enterprise should be concerned about the material value of the product to the level of non-material value changes, constantly recommend

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