good business ideas can save a bankrupt enterprise, but few people know how to verify their own business ideas. For the product, the need for the survey is very important, before you find the right investors, remember to verify your entrepreneurial ideas whether there is a market.

You have to write

1 once consumers leave the restaurant, it is difficult to continue to provide services

2 before the consumer is determined, it is difficult to know their true action

3) for social media design professional quality image is almost impossible

with the idea, to refine the problem, until you can use a word of it.

if your target user is a small company CEO, the first five problems may be this:

1) more sales

2)   make marketing more efficient (hiring Marketing Director)

3)   outsourcing payroll and benefits tasks

4)   expand product variety

5)   better social media exposure and advertising input

this may be the founder of the most easily neglected problems, they always think they are very good, that once the user to use, will know it well. But the user does not use.

1)   company size: 100 to 500

2)   position: CEO or vice president of marketing

3)   location: North American

4)   industry: retail, technology and hotel

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