With the improvement of our living standard, people pay more attention to the rich spiritual life in our life, so we have a series of activities in our life.

. November 5th to 6, sponsored by the Provincial Sports Bureau, the Xuancheng Municipal People’s government, the Guangde Provincial People’s Government hosted the fifth session of the China Guangde North East Pavilion mountain car race in the county, China bamboo town town of East pavilion. 530 professional and amateur athletes from all over the country, including 24 provinces, municipalities and regions in the world, took part in the competition in the 85 regions of the world, with the highest number of contestants in the competition.

this event from the previous single mountain bike race to expand the "1+4" package, which is based on mountain bike race on the extension of organized "landscape painting, Yangshan" photography exhibition, "green travel" riding activities, "moments" photography contest launching ceremony and "Happy Farmhouse" text brigade, agricultural product sales and other activities.

have you ever seen a mountain bike race? Welcome to Guangde! For this tournament has been missed this year, it will not be held next year, when the time can not miss oh! The mountain bike race around the East is the "national fitness brand of Anhui province", and the first national sports event in Guangde. The event has grown into the Yangtze River Delta and East China has a greater influence on the mass sports events.

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