business market is like a Pyramid station in the spire is a successful entrepreneur, in fact, successful entrepreneurs the number of entrepreneurs who have failed the huge base, so in the end is what causes most people fail? Let’s analyze.

One reason: over reliance on


for the headquarters training course and experience, you also need to use the clear and careful pondering.

two reasons: improper allocation of funds

need to pay certain funds to join in, for entrepreneurial success and eager to shop to make money, many entrepreneurs are not carefully consider their own conditions and capital

directly everywhere to borrow money to shop, so that after a debt, affect the normal operation of the store, not to mention the growth performance of the.

three reasons: not consider before joining

There are a lot of joining in the

deceived examples, but there will be a lot of people have to find some way to join the company.

four reasons: blindly believe in their ability to

although the market experienced headquarters will provide guidance, but the franchisee will feel better.

especially after the business is done, for the headquarters of the training course more with any plan a contemptuous disregard, the headquarters and headquarters, so far away, finally lead to business failure.

for the failure of entrepreneurs, no time to lament for the past, to do is to sum up the lessons of failure, continue to accept the challenge, seize new business opportunities, to open business model, entrepreneurs to join the battle, fought victory of pom.



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