kindergarten business brand, the model is different, the cost of investment is also very different, if you want to do a good job in the investment business, you need to know how much money you need to prepare. Take a look at the specific expenditure aspects of what it is, do a good job prediction.

site cost:

is its own property, or open space is to undertake a ready-made garden, or rental housing, if it is rent, is half a year to pay, or pay longer?.


decoration depends on the original site conditions, two is to look at the decoration goals, very different. How many outdoor ground? Area? What structure? How to ground, walls, windows? Is not blank room? What can be the original decoration which is not available? How high grade decoration? (and positioning) so that, if you do need to budget, field photos, plans, note send, we can help you estimate.

equipment input: 1-2 yuan per classroom, and some can be put into. Outdoor toys: 2-4 million bar. Also want to see specific positioning. The first phase of investment = down payment + renovation + investment + equipment investment + the first phase of operating expenses (1-3 months salary / daily procurement / standby fund).

generally, a medium-sized kindergarten investment may be between 30-150 million, the need to determine the specific circumstances.

kindergarten operating costs are affected by many factors, out of the region, such as the brand to join the factors which need to consider the details of the problem? The above introduction is very clear, I hope you can successfully predict a reasonable figure, do a good job in advance estimates.

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