to promote innovation and entrepreneurship at the same time, but also to urge the quality of innovation and entrepreneurship, but also to ensure that the implementation of preferential policies can really go on to help entrepreneurs better realize the dream of innovation and entrepreneurship. Therefore, Sichuan will carry out a special inspection of the implementation of college students employment policy.

3 16 days, reporters from the provincial Office of human resources and learned that the Provincial Department of human resources and social recently will be the province of College Students’ employment policy implementation and use of funds management to conduct a special inspection, to ensure that the students’ employment policies in place.

to college students’ employment, we must first improve the implementation of employment policy. Provincial Department of human resources and social requirements across the province in combination with the actual situation, in the provincial government has issued a document on the basis of further refined to encourage college students to grass-roots employment, Small and micro businesses to absorb employment, entrepreneurship and other policy measures to strengthen the flexible employment and new form of employment support, implement job business subsidies, social security subsidies, occupation training subsidies, business loans and interest subsidies, entrepreneurial employment incentives, tax relief and other support policies to promote college students’ employment channels.

perfect operation policy, in accordance with the decentralization, put the tube combination and optimization of service requirements, simplify policy approval, procedures and related documents, the implementation of one-stop online handling, handling and other services, to provide convenience for students and enjoy the employer policy. In order to ensure the effectiveness of the policy came into effect, the Provincial Department of human resources and social work will be carried out in recent years, college students employment and entrepreneurship policy implementation and management of funds for special inspection.



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