this can be different from the general cause, even if there is no interest, but as long as willing to bear hardships have the possibility of success. Antique shops, personal conditions can be met, so that there is a greater possibility to open an antique shop. So, what are the conditions to open an antique shop?

opportunities only favor prepared minds, how to invest in the process of antique shops get a more generous return?

any industry has its entry threshold, only with a certain conditions after the investment is likely to be successful antiques. Mr. Ye open antique shop in Beijing North Beach said, if you want to get involved this antique line, first of all to have the following conditions: first, have a certain economic strength, and specific requirements according to the business objects grades vary; second, operators must have the ability of art appreciation, not only need the days and months multiplying experience, and have a certain cultural knowledge; third, must have a calm and independent psychological quality, which is for an antique operator is very important.

with some of the basic conditions of the above, you can handle the relevant business procedures, in the designated professional market opened an antique shop. But you do not mean that after the investment can make money, know how to operate the antique shop for investment income is very important.

Beijing Antique City, a shop owner believes that antique shop is a special cultural products, and therefore has its own particularity and its own regularity. Overall, the main points are as follows:

· a sense of long-term investment in antiques. Some people say that antique shop is not open for three years, opened to eat for three years. In view of the particularity of this commodity, be patient and wait for the buyers who really like it. Antique investment is a long-term investment, only long-term holding, in order to obtain a substantial return.

· business integrity. Antique business requirements of the brand is relatively high, the integrity of the store operators to allow buyers to establish a good reputation, so as to attract more customers.

· pay attention to cultivate the ability to appreciate antiques. Operators should pay more attention to the operation of the process, and strive to improve their ability to identify and constantly accumulate experience, while consciously improve their own history and culture, concentrate on the relevant information.

· according to their own personal interests and financial resources, choose the right investment. Collection of variety, wide range, once determined the direction of their own investment in order to concentrate on the careful study of investment knowledge, gradually become expert.

· to have a >

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