healthy and tasty coffee drinks can stimulate people to enjoy the tongue, make people’s life more enjoyable, many consumers love to taste the delicious coffee drinks, coffee drinks business franchise is very potential, whether coffee drinks to open stores in what areas, businesses must understand how to carry out propaganda and promotion of the brand. Do a good job of this link, to attract more popular, has a positive significance to ensure the long-term development of the shop.

1. distribute leaflets, to celebrate the holiday promotions, or a few small gifts for children’s practice is to promote the coffee drinks franchise business. In short, as far as possible so that children can not come, he will pull their parents, the family does not come, individuals come; senior leadership does not come, the public, not to drink to drink, do not come to the party to chat entertainment.

2, a discount card, the customer can reach a certain number of consumption, free to send a VIP card, the card can hit 20 percent off in consumption, and more concessions to analogy coffee drinks stores part-time. Marketing summary of business strategy and effective management of the ability to allow the rapid growth of coffee companies.

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