even if the business is good, before the real market, everything is just an analysis, the risk is inevitable. Now a lot of people are aware of the fat clothing store it’s good, but in the end what are the risks? And let Xiaobian bring you together to analyze.

first, because is a special crowd, so the regular manufacturers are not easily available, must be according to the customer’s genre but it looks tailor-made clothing, and relatively thin clothing, it is a test of skill of the designers work.

and stylish clothing, to fully breathable, ordinary fabric also cannot meet the requirements, but also need to be woven into the "tone", suitable for fat people wear color, in addition to fat people do clothing materials, a large number of short sleeved shirt, is the ordinary clothing materials several times.

plus different body fat people, can not be unified in production line, the production input is far greater than the ordinary clothing manufacturers. There is also a risk of selling clothes: pricing can not be too high, the wage earners can be based on; all buyout operations, customers can return because of quality problems, but the dealer can not return to the manufacturers, the risk of their own.

if you want to help fat people clothing to make their own career, you have to consider these risks, to see whether it belongs to you really good good investment projects, in order to decide whether to rely on it to carry out the cause of your wealth!

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