fat people, in the summer, you are not only looking at their coquettish slim? Are you worried about your figure? It must be because you’re all around! Is! Thin! Sub!

this study investigated the relationship between total obesity across the country of 1 million 300 thousand people and their life satisfaction in the county. Bond Guest pointed out: "if the whole county residents are more fat, so fat, especially between fat fat and normal weight people’s life satisfaction is not what the difference; but in the obesity rate is not so high, fat (including fat fat) difference in life satisfaction between ordinary people and will be relatively large.

also Pendergast said: "according to the study results, before considering the people’s living area, severely obese men feel about life" very satisfied "people than those of normal weight women to 29% low, low 43%. However, the county in the county, the situation is completely different. When the male fat people from a very low rate of obesity (obesity rate 24%), the county reached a very high rate of obesity (obesity 46%) County, the life satisfaction gap between them and those of normal weight will be shortened to 79%; and the fat women who will be shortened to 60%."

while summer is not over, while the side thin or thin, while the wallet was bulging, please go skinny people to eat! Only to feed them, fed fat, fat people have a real summer ah! Good ~ ~ there is no plug (than the early worm depends on you is which species should be very reliable, please eat thin it? Rabbit can only help you here ~ ~ ~


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