is now the era of health, many investors have focused their attention on the health industry, indeed, the health industry is a very profitable industry. So, what are the golden era of health money ideas? Today Xiaobian for everyone to do a summary, want to start a friend to look at it.

1, health expo. With more and more equipment, medical technology and even the emergence of healthy app, suppliers and innovators will want to face to face with medical staff and managers. If you are interested in this and have a network of resources, you can work with universities or other like-minded organizations all over the country to organize the fair.

2, personal trainer training business. If you able-bodied, full of go and love the one on one or large classes, you can obtain a personal trainer qualification certificate, and in the gymnasium, hotel, workplace or the customer’s home to teach. On the other hand, you can start, recruit, review, and coach other coaches.

3, massage service. Like a personal trainer, becoming a masseuse requires training and certification. Once you start, there is a lot of work, to open their own clinic, work together, and other massagers to provide on-site service, fitness center, salon, SPA hall, hospital for customers, and even cooperate with team sports.


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