for snapshots, friends who have done a website can Tucao two sentences. Because in the process of building a website, snapshot problems always make us tremble with fear. After all, an update is not timely, it may mean that the site will suffer punishment in the near future". Therefore, the webmaster’s mind is always worried about the snapshot. However, in actual operations, we can also find that not all problems arise with the snapshot of the relationship, even if the relationship is not a bad thing. So, how do we solve the snapshot problem and how to recognize the existence of this problem?.

keyword ranking and snapshot update is not really connected. A lot of times, I see my snapshot update is not normal, began to messy. Because from the daily operation experience, snapshot update is not in time, then the follow-up will appear keywords ranking out of the home page. And this is also the oral experience that many elders give me. But is that really the case?. In fact, in many cases, when we diagnose the website, we can’t judge the status of our website blindly. In fact, strictly speaking, in itself it is a pure text document, its role is to provide a pre browsing channel, relevance ranking and has little to do with the keywords, so when we adjust the snapshot, as a webmaster we can not arbitrarily defined as the site is not accurate and optimized to change before, as long as is the formal site optimization, we should believe in their own website, so once the snapshot is not updated in a timely manner, we should first check the daily update of the work and the external environment, if everything is normal, then there is no need to panic too much, even if there is some influence to calmly, as long as adhere to the reasonable optimization, adjustment will the past.

K station and there is no direct relationship between the same snapshot. Coincidentally, most of the time the snapshot is not updated in a timely manner is lagged, will also appear in a situation that is snapshot. For the occurrence of this phenomenon, I believe that webmasters are more worried. Or according to the daily experience, so if the correction distance from site K station is not far away. Although compared to the phenomenon of one, I can’t quite sure that K station and snapshot never mind. But we still need to address a problem, the snapshot itself is not an omen, it is the site of stored pages, if the snapshot snapshot, so in this process is just a fruit not because too stiff with the keywords ranking together is not reasonable. Therefore, if your site is normal, the optimization process is very reasonable, so there is no need to care too much about the snapshot phenomenon really, we all know that since it is stored page, then update, impact will be the change of database, Baidu each update will hurt a part of the site, then the snapshots are likely to be and in this process, but everything is stable, the snapshot will come back naturally. Of course, different things to have distinction, for those who use cheating website friends, snapshot in a sense is really the beginning of punishment. At least from our experience in the station building is like this.


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