has been in the flow of children news! There are not made good grades! But there is a little understanding of this news! In this news entry and writing articles, I would like to introduce the related knowledge about SEO! May introduce is not complete, but we hope to help the following are personal views!


needs to be presented in two parts, because one is a news site editor and another is an ordinary enterprise website editor (and perhaps there are more types of editors, but Xiao Yi only knows the two at present).

how to do news editing so as to increase traffic

next, SEO meaning first to introduce news website editor, how to make their entry news news traffic, improve again on the basis of the original! From the perspective of SEO, is to allow users to search keywords in the search engine, their input to the news for the first page of the first! First, from the title, the most popular keywords need to be placed in front of. For example: after the popular keyword "Wang Xuehong the richest man in Taiwan" is Taiwan’s richest man, Wang Xuehong then finished, how _ channel _ _ Wang Xuehong the richest man in Taiwan _ News Center _ news network "the" Wang Xuehong "and" Taiwan richest man "for the optimization of keywords, so that individuals should use underscore separated from the search engine! Because of either angle or the user experience degree, so is better! Looks more normative! (here mention about SEO little knowledge, in title writing," "| _" wildcard "Baidu search engine optimization for. "Yes" is used by Google search engines. Second, in keywords, you can also set hot keywords. There is a news website editor, how to discover hot news! Discover hot news and judgment of popular keywords has two methods: one is Search Ranking in Baidu, a Baidu index! (there are many methods of judgement, meaning not here one introduces the current news website! Edit the two good!) finally said, may be very strict in this entry news! But can be modified if some changes to try to do! How to write the title in order to attract people and so on the simple introduction of


how to do enterprise editing,

SEO for the website next, ordinary business brief editing! Things done as early as many companies stand! Here a brief introduction about how to make enterprise website editor! First of all, from the SEO perspective: to see whether the new sites, so that if it is new things, the first thing you have to do is your website problem ~! If the hand site too much, you can use the pseudo original tools, or the combination of methods to prepare! As we all know. The first editor of the article, will be the new editor of the article into the column or channel page! (SEO understand people know the channel, columns and other words that represents what type of website >

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