station network as a webmaster communication media platform, over the years accumulated a lot of popularity, in the webmaster is legendary in. About Admin5 webmaster graph king, it is no wonder Wurenbuxiao. Graph king Motona Aki army, the reason why the name graph king, because of his first website, this is a picture of one day upload station, tens of thousands of photos do stand experience. He gave himself the name of graph king. And the king of the picture is to do pictures site started, 03 – 04 years time, the king did dozens of picture station, every day tens of thousands of IP also let him make some money. The money map king began to think about the future direction of development of the website, and how to make money experience to share more of the owners.

later, Wang founded the current Admin5, intended to make the webmaster’s largest information exchange platform for the majority of webmaster services. A5 let many webmaster have become friends, even friends. Graph king care station Changsheng too care about their career, every webmaster have questions, he will spare no effort to help bring communication graph king in the circle, will be known as the boss. Figure Wang because of excellent personality and selfless help, the spirit of the webmaster touched a lot of people, but also because of the support of the majority of the webmaster, Admin5 only today’s prosperity and growth.

last year’s economic crisis affected all industries, the Internet is no exception. Although it has entered the 09 year of spring, but the Internet has not left the winter. Although the impact of small and medium-sized owners are not too large, but stagnation is definitely not a good thing. Not only is Wang thinking about the future direction and mode of A5, he is also thinking about the development of personal website.

Wang once said, personal webmaster do not only do some non mainstream, novel, beautiful pictures and not the value of the flow station, want to develop to transformation, to business website, local vertical website, industry portal transformation. The development and transformation of the need to pay attention to what? Not only is SEO optimization, optimization of website content, the promotion of soft webmaster do in these things, I think we should pay more attention to build the website brand, only the website brand bigger, website to toward a higher direction, Admin5 is an example, because of the brand effect in the webmaster accumulation, even if there is no search engine, would still be able to survive.

domain name as a website name, is the most direct way to identify the site, but also a website appearance and "face", is the brand image of the site. A good domain name is not only easy to remember, but also directly to the site to bring traffic. To build a website brand, you should start with domain name.

at this stage, our English domain names such registration transactions are still hot, but want to register a five bit domain name has been difficult, or even disappeared. And Chinese domain name is popular gradually the favour of stationmaster. .cn,, etc. Chinese >

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