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had the idea to build a website, but spent a lot of time to think or what they do for the station, until a few months ago to see an article published after the stone brother Marx CMS came up with a movie station idea, because the movie station is relatively easy to do, most people will be also interested in film and television drama. The movie station is not long-term in general. But first do, and then slowly groping, which direction to develop, or good. All right, no nonsense. Start the text.

has a lot of modern online movie station program, so the first thing is to choose a suitable site, easy to use, powerful procedures, personal recommendation of Marx CMS, used widely, the official technology is strong, it is easy to be able to use the novice.

Marx program users more, it is said that there are hundreds of thousands of users. So the high repetition is positive. After we install the program, we must first do the station directory, such as personalized, such as Hongkong TV catalogue, we can change to TVB. This reduces a bit of repetition.

station every day you need to publish original or false original more than 5 articles, absolutely can not use a collection of light resource pool, so that Baidu spiders will go see will not be included, the new station about the need to adhere to 1 months will be included in Baidu, GG is fast, generally second days will be included.

to increase more chain, chain, and more to the end of the world, NetEase wait until the BBS appropriate release some links, increase the chain (note can’t release a large number of links, or may appear counterproductive. Especially Baidu related websites.


just site not yet more difficult to find quality links directly to the A5 forum to buy some quality links is a good choice, we must pay attention to the safety of transactions, to find some reputable people to buy. Generally have quality links, 2 is enough, snapshot is fast enough. Adhere to Baidu included late, you can go to change more quality links, so that the site is certainly good.

advertising at the beginning, do not add too much, especially pop-up ads, Baidu is more sensitive to this. In the station keywords, pages and so on, try to avoid modification. As long as you can persist for some time, Baidu, GG and other major search engines will be included in your station.

all in all, we should do it conscientiously, and make the garbage station garbage free. Spend more time management site, original must insist. No technical content, master, please don’t spit me.

please note that the original text from the Bing Bing cinema http://s.www.rbb.cc

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