website PR value is a general average standard of website quality, hard look at a month long PR, if Google to downgrade, there is no way to recover? Through my personal experience, to be sure, only to find out the reasons to use a right way, not only can restore, you can restore the fastest time. Today, we share the experience here, that is, I hope you will not do unnecessary worry and suffering.

for me, August 2009 should be grey. Why do you say that, since this marriage proposal online line, I suffered a biggest blow. The first is because of hot weather in July and August, several servers and failure to two hard disk storage of data for a few times suddenly power, completely scrapped, spent a tremendous effort, especially some members of marriage photos, although is a small part, but there are about two hundred thousand cannot be recovered, face many members accused of marriage marriage, we can only reply mail reasons.

In order to make sure the server is normal,

sets up a special UPS standby power supply.

this thing just past, suddenly found that set this website PR value was from PR5 to PR0, the Google ah, ah, is really a hit the Lord, the line on the website for more than a year, the PR value from 0 to 2, from 4 to 5, the time is not long, upgrade as can be, so the value of PR will feel indifferent. However, such a drop of power, the problem comes one by one. First, the original scrambling to exchange links webmaster, at this time are far away, I’m afraid I suffered. To find who exchange links, people look at PR turned out to be 0, one by one are also very polite to say, wait for your recovery of 5, and then exchange it. If I get back to 5, do I have to ask you to exchange them? And then again, their practice is perfectly understandable. Webmasters regard the website as their children, see other people’s children get sick, and generally want their children to escape far away, so as not to be infected. The Internet is also a corner of society, Google let the Internet also reflects the human well-being of the most incisive.

more exasperating is Baidu, this is also a snob, when, in my distress, mercilessly kick my foot, had just put on the Baidu promotion alliance is also less than a week, even innocent to stop, so I broke a few dollars.

even worse, the original friend who wanted to invest in this project, see this scene, but also flinch. For days on end, I kept checking the PR of the site, but it was always 0. To tell you the truth, I was almost knocked down by the blow, both financially and mentally. Perhaps, entrepreneurship is like this, when you are in trouble, someone to help you, it is your blessing, no one to help you, you have to go on well.

I’m up to now

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