with the nationwide pornography work nationwide, has cleared a large number of pornographic information, but with the network purification, but also makes the development of the network appear not harmonious sound. Casually to a IT website, the overwhelming majority of the complaints and complaints of the IDC merchants, such as the unfortunate closure of the information. A large number of individual owners of the living environment is seriously threatened.

personal websites have shut down

for the nationwide "non playing yellow sweep, I believe most people can be supported, this time for the nationwide" purification "seems to show no signs of the case had already begun.


site is not for the record, or close off! Domain name domain name registration information and registration information does not correspond to that! Found an illegal information station, close all sites, broken network check! With " network " purification; the deepening of the work, but the individual owners have announced the closure, and even some owners have not to take the initiative to close it has been shut down. For personal Adsense, it’s a bad news, especially a full-time webmaster. Efforts to promote efforts to pull, IP, tried to update content, efforts to enhance the PR, gradually moving towards a formal website, check off the net broke a lot of money, have announced unemployment; for just a little improvement in the website, please just Baidu and Google, a broken network, included all zero just for the start; website has not yet started already died. Competition on the Internet already exist many uncertain factors, N personal webmaster did not survive the "broken network events", my website (www.benkesheng.com) is no exception, finally Baidu included nearly 10000, IDC said Guangdong must accept the examination room, actually check a week did not recover, broken check the network can be understood, but the efficiency of this examination are hard to understand, damn operators, you can make the efficiency of millions of individual owners go to work, do you understand? I said these words are unfounded, because when I checked Baidu today included, is actually 0. Tens of thousands of pages included, suddenly died 0, and I also work. Chinese name also given no explanation of what is, let, do you know how many personal website is not wait ah? I’m normal station, the standard recruitment information station ah, I guarantee that there is no illegal information, but any? Speechless… This is Chinese…. the Internet is also sad, those so-called CNNIC worker’s shame, the modern version of your Fenshukengru, hinder the prosperity and development of the Internet is that you are in the "anti pornography", we support, but across the board approach is to let people feel this is not what you do, you have to do is to do the supervision and guidance, and to the grassroots individual stationmaster a purifying environment and business environment, broken network not barbaric. Listen to the crowd!!!


policy serves the people, not to remedy the lack of supervision

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