some time ago to write a report about how to operate the local women’s website, the effect is good, IP brought a lot, but for me not what practical significance, I’m not going to write through such "soft" begging for Tongren give me a few IP, just put some development plans listed in the brain. And do women stand counterparts to discuss each other, make friends.

after the article was published, many people with my QQ is a compliment, I feel the station is very beautiful, it seems the website has to make money like, want me to share how I make money, my answer is very disappointed, because the Taiyuan women’s network is only a just on the line soon the new station only, did not earn what money, do not intend to make money two years ago. Some webmaster and I QQ to me but is a malicious batch, said my this station is not good, it is not good, what should add a column, should do how to do. Suddenly, I think I should be laid off, I really do not know the professional "webmaster judges" can earn more money a month, so that they are so focused on this field.

here, I just want to say "chief judges", a webmaster in its own website, there is a plan in your mind, and also with the passage of time to implement one by one, and you just see the phenomenon, make subjective judgments and comments, do not understand the essence of. The positioning of the site depends on the people and the market, take the friend to criticize my website for example, he said that I should add a health website column, then it is not difficult to deny that health is indeed one of the women is a topic of concern, as well as emotional column etc.. Why am I not? Here, I want to say, when I have my revision before, these columns, I removed, because I gave myself a clear position, I’m not Tandaqiuquan, but focus on the theme of "beauty", that is to teach women how to become friends the beauty of fashion.


itself is a very emotional animal, the material the surface of the things they are most likely to accept and resonate, you and when they talk, you are more likely to accept what? For example:

topic 1: "ONLY’s clothes have new styles, and they’re more than 200 yuan." what kind of skin care products do you use? How do you always get acne on your face?

topic two: "you are not dysmenorrhea every month ah, or I recommend you take Yueyueshu Tongjingbao granules, the effect is very good"; "you love your husband? His first birthday gift to send you what?…"

is not difficult to see, a topic related to fashion and beauty, is the most easily most female friends resonate topic, that is to say each female friends will pay attention to your appearance, is the love of beauty; and the two topic relates to health and emotional, often this kind of topic are related to some privacy, I want to talk about others, most female friends will go on, will examine.

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