thank you post good friends, thank you for your service, yesterday received a special customer, is a student in Ningbo, is the professional e-commerce, on the site to buy two pieces of clothes, then tell the customer service, he is the teacher in the class when the electricity supplier to take this post the case analysis to know the lake for shopping, I’m really very grateful to the teacher, so today, although very tired, but you still want to come to update, because this post has been shelved for a long time, or very thank you.

Have a friend presented in front of

, the sales Joyoung way for any businesses through DM sales can achieve this sales website advantage is not reflected, that is for sure, I also accept a point, but I suggest that, do city shopping site, has been in the position on the scope of the area within the city. Market segmentation has been very small. Every citizen in this city is a potential consumer site, and if through the Internet to find the city of Internet users, online shopping will also ensure that he is, he also need this product, this probability is very low. PS: although your site positioning and market segmentation is very clear, but the marginal business, such as the above mentioned Ningbo students, he does not belong to Huzhou, but we can realize the cooperation express delivery service, the students find their own home business or do not mind, one bar, you are not our target customers, do not sell it to you, it is completely mistaken. Those who believe in business will not make such foolish mistakes.

so do city, I think the site is just a platform, a virtual platform, we really want to do is to run through this platform, to business, to do business, do business, this is the site to sustainable development prospect. Website profit model, we have been groping, and initially made pure information platform, do business service providers, to serve good businesses as the goal. The parents of these businesses is that site, but the city is limited, as businesses are so few, basically a year’s time, we have the merchants in the city, those who are self-employed have introduced again, can accept 188 package business has been on to the site, do not accept the business, visit how many times is of no avail.

therefore, 188 can only be a profitable point for the first year of the website, and can not be a sustainable profit point, because this can refer to the Alibaba. Alibaba’s credibility was also rely on sales tactics spread, but there is a paradox in this regard, businesses on the site is to be able to drive the business through the website, but businesses are not familiar with the online business, and do not update the online store, which resulted in the shop did not have popular and business, will hit business confidence. Second years to renew, merchants will be refused, he would think is deceived, but after all, different from the simple shopping website advertising, shops need to take care of the goods need to be updated to customer service online, but they are unable to attend.

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