recently in a training project, the Internet industry is too broad, especially those of us who do network promotion, SEO friends, you must be familiar with all walks of life for a suitable promotion scheme and skills. The method and experience of Xu Qian SEO used in blog recently to do a training project promotion and all engaged in the education sector of SEOer under the exchange of experience, and we hope to work together to promote education and training methods and experience a deeper share.

believes that the friends of the education and training industry know that the purpose of education and training is the process of converting students from telephone calls to effective telephones. How it calls into effective calls? As we usually do similar IP traffic, we need let website traffic do high, many friends will use QQ group, blog, forum and sending software and other tools to bring a lot of traffic, but it is ultimately need to be converted into the actual flow, everyone know to industry website, flow is very high, but it is garbage flow (i.e., and related industries, the actual flow) what use is it? They only act as a card, but can not bring benefits or nonsense, today we talk about is the garbage flow into the real flow, also is the phone into a process of effective volume of telephone.

today I want to say my first blog promotion, according to some well-known Internet websites have registered a lot of ID education, the first day of each of my blogs have sent a two article.

the requirements: original and pseudo original (information network editor of the new article), the article is very natural to promote the education related to the telephone number added, and each article is to search the long tail word through the tools to do this. Of course, we registered dozens of blog account password you just rely on the brain can not remember, we need to do a simple EXCEL form to record the blog account passwords and other related information available, this is also a promotion personnel should do a good job of.

you second days for the blog included inquiries, carefully observe what blog included fast, ranked relatively fast, then we will use these included blog focused on the promotion of good, avoid doing useless work, here is what I do through the education and training of the promotion blog: that Baidu space, Sina blog, blog, blog Sohu SouFun, blog, blog, blog, 163 NetEase Tom blog,, blog and other weight high blog in conclusion, Baidu included on the two section of the three level domain name included better than before, 163 blog can also, but I do this blog promotion effect is not 163 obviously, if you are interested in other friends can try it next time.

concluded: the best effect of Sina blog, included also soon even search released the same day the article immediately Baidu can, and the long tail word ranking row up, and you don’t mislead 100.

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