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Inside Research found that now companies invest in Market Research on the great growth rate, total investment in 2004 market survey in 2003 grew by more than 7.5% to $7 billion 200 million. Among them, the fastest growing part of the online market survey, in 2004 than in 03, an increase of about 20%, followed by consumer satisfaction, market research, an increase of about 14%.

? Inside? Research analysts say the market survey of this industry in the past few years, growth has been a relatively light, not before, but with the industry market saturation and competition on the market, the depth of excavation of the growing demand, especially when the marketing people at the launch of a new product or service time careful investigation, the market has become a must.

, in the global market research firm, 87% of European and North American companies said they would increase their share of online market research in the first half of 2005. 36% expect their online survey to grow substantially in 2005.

?? was specific to the investigation industry, Inside Research study found that there are 80% of the company’s survey said they had investigated in terms of consumer goods using online survey, 40% said the use of the online survey on B2B market survey.

? Inside? Research analysis, according to the general enterprise product life cycle to survey different types of the product before release, marketing people forecast the market survey; in product testing phase, collect customer feedback; with the official push to the market, will be through the full range of online survey tracking monitoring information positioning advertising effect, buy and consumer feedback etc..

, despite the substantial increase in funding for market research, China’s consumer research network found in its special report that there are two major problems in the current enterprise market survey:

first, firms that have done market research have rarely evaluated their return on investment (ROI) for market research, and only 10%-15% of companies have evaluated their investment returns on their market research.

second, the presence of survey data is excessive and effective analysis is lacking. Most market research activities aim at getting more data, so companies get large amounts of data through investment market surveys, but they often don’t know how to analyze them. In fact, what businesses really need is an effective analysis of data based on data, in that sense, not excessive data, but a large amount of survey data that does not translate into effective recommendations for marketing campaigns.

? In fact, the phenomenon of inefficient use of statistical data is not only manifested in online survey, but also in different fields and different forms of network marketing management

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