talking about the original article writing, most of the webmaster headache. Call the webmaster to do promotion or to do some technical things, may be very happy. But a mention of the original, probably the expression will be very painful, but also very helpless. Originality is not a simple thing in every field. It takes a long time for conception and creativity to accumulate knowledge and experience, as well as the training of thinking ability. If the original is very simple, there will not be so much plagiarism and imitation, there will not be cottage appear. I recently wrote an article on how to write soft material, simple to speak of the original text should draw attention to the problem. Just a sampling problem makes the owners complain unbearable, not to mention every day is actually not too good writing most of the webmaster to write original articles. So, when the owners can not Evans agush would consider reproduced or pseudo original article.

web site article generally has four sources, the original, pseudo original, reproduced, collected. Original, needless to say. Search engine for the original content is quite popular, but also the most easily included. Followed by pseudo original and reproduced. Reproduced and copied are often linked together, may be a high quality two article reproduced some help for the site included, but the search engine is a judgment for the original article, and very sensitive. Too much reprint will only be judged by the search engine as plagiarism and lose its function. But the acquisition is taboo, will only make you stand as a garbage station, even by the search engines found cheating, then you will never stand the light of day. Therefore, in the absence of original articles, should consider more, if write a pseudo original.

pseudo original writing methods are varied, I believe there are many webmaster is a master in this area. But now there is a very bad misunderstanding. That is some of the webmaster will be slightly modified plagiarism, reproduced equivalent to pseudo original. As we all know, search engines judge non – original content, starting with content similarity. In fact, the search engine is like a primary school composition teacher, and the webmaster is writing the primary school students. The teacher corrects the work too many also not to be earnest, the search engine also is, when judges the article similarity degree, usually only from the title as well as the article beginning and the end judgment. Therefore, cope with the work of the webmaster is just a simple modification of the title and the beginning and end of the article, that false original achievement. In fact, this is actually a fluke, escaped for the first time escape second times, search engines will also judge the middle part of the article. In addition to the similarity, but also from the website ranking, website PR, domain name registration, quality and relevance of the website, web pages included time and other aspects of non original content. Simple changes are often judged to be plagiarism.

then the changes to the article are not so simple. About modifications, webmasters have too much experience. Roughly from the title, paragraph, content, beginning and ending in several aspects of meticulous modifications, and timely updates on the article creatively. When the pseudo original modified, that is, from SEO, from >

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