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the first two articles on local websites and how to meet the needs of users made a comprehensive introduction and talk, let many webmaster get inspired, and this article will elaborate the third chapter website of local road, how do users drive users to work, this is like today’s Baidu search as a friend they ask a question not to know how to solve, just one: use Baidu Search know what.


this article is to let the webmaster website also reached this level, and to achieve this level also need to learn with the efforts of many webmaster, the user to attract users to make a thorough study of this problem, I hope to help the needs of the webmaster friends.

users attract users, the first is to "benefit"

what we allow a user to lead another user, said a simple point is nothing more than to benefit, now part of the site to take a cut of sales bundled users, so this kind of website in a short period of time to develop, but as most of the website is not likely to commission this caused out. A pair of contradictions, but did not want to benefit, but did not want to cite family interests, in the face of this situation how to do


I think if your site is facing this kind of situation, so webmaster can be of substantial benefit into virtual interests, although virtual interests than the physical effect may be almost, but wins in the long-term reliable, regular calls to send some rechargeable card and so on, or by the users love.

users attract users, second is for "face"

Chinese people face serious thinking has been a hot topic, and when we allow users to attract users why can not in the face of efforts? As long as you have something, then you can attract users to introduce users to enter. For example, the rebate network why so successful, because the successful use of the rebate network face idea; why millet mobile phone sales so strong, because millet created a brand with hunger marketing; why Apple mobile phone sales so hot, because people think Apple hand machine is durable, and this is a person’s face, when in operation we want to do website users to attract users, to a certain extent to the face is very necessary.

users attract users, third is to "help"

there is also a case of pure spirit of sharing, with the continuous development of the Internet, network communication is speeding up, a lot of friends learned why so selfless, such as the A5 website by the grassroots webmaster love, from the deep to see is that A5 users one introduces a, all foreign propaganda website A5 affordable, so let more and more users of the website A5 in June last year I still do not know what is the A5 site, while in the Internet chat don’t.

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