everyone webmaster friends, I’m here to give you New Year’s greetings! Today, here about the site was black!


first of all, I’m not a hacker, but I still know a little about network security. Generally speaking, they are hackers, usually bragging fools, but in fact they can’t do anything. I look down here,


many owners do not understand the network security knowledge, the program out of the patches are not necessarily to wait up! Website, or when the only regret is linked to the horse did not understand intrusion prevention knowledge, I offer some security awareness here, hope to have some help to

do the following, your site was black, you can spray me! You can say I suspected of speculation, it can be said that this is a soft, this is not important, the important thing is that you get what you want from, feel good, look at the top, don’t feel bad I have never seen spray, as well

1 web site background directory, database address modification, this is the most basic, and even if this does not do, then your site is waiting to be black, here is mainly said ASP+ACCESS site friend


background account password settings must be complex, when a hacker penetration of a website may be illegal query your database by using some loopholes, resulting in the background of the password, the general program will put you back off the MD5 encrypted password, if you set the complex words, will allow hackers to increase the number of the difficulty, so he quit

!Try to use PHP+MYSQL

3 program, because the PHP language is relatively new, than the ASP out of the night, so the use of PHP+MYSQL program website owners will add some difficulty to the hacker penetration, impatient hackers will quit


4 do not display the background landing in the page, some of the site’s landing pad on the home page hung, it does not wait to be black well.

5 uses the big company’s virtual host, IDC company strong words, will send many technicians to maintain the server, so even if your server on other sites are black, will not be implicated in you!


6 server user must always check the security vulnerabilities, patch timely hit, with the latest software, it is best to do safety protection and technical personnel in place, this can let you managed IDC company to help you fix


7 must be in time to site procedures to patch, some of the webmaster is very painful upgrade program, but in distress, must also study, or you will be black when you cry, dad call mother

8 to prevent social engineering, some master in talking to you on your information can be set out, and not all set to become a password, or you get you a website, the other sites you all end! About social engineering for a book, recommend everyone to "cheat the art of" >

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