today is to write this article because in the group chat yesterday, a friend of his station for three years, has done a lot of lucrative website, but as in the IT community for several years after now in want to do a website will not start. This question, I believe that very old webmaster have had the idea. Then we will analyze how to get rid of the trouble, from the new find their own.

why not start, when you play for a long time in the circle, you know, learning new knowledge of many of you did not know before, it has purified you when the first rookie naive idea, make you gradually mature, but now the Internet we have advocated innovation, it is how many the original content can make you? So I think you can go without a particular route, is the right brain thinking, the human brain thinking is very developed, as a result of things left brain and right brain is considered completely illogical, also can be said to be the soil of the other day. But how can we let go of thinking right? We try to give up all their previous learning, let yourself brainwashed from scratch, you yourself as one of the new recruits, not SEO, do not flow, and so on, in fact, these things you don’t need to care about, this is how things are often more for what it is the more you make the best of the less. A lot of things happen when you inadvertently give you a miracle. Now the network is very popular in the word "copycat", this is the right way to CISCO, abandoned the subjective way of human beings, such as in the period of "Flying Cross" we do not say first how to do his part, said he looked at the cross site innovation mode nonsense, people are under the subjective way pull him around to pull, even if content is not very ideal, but its characteristics, new things to attract you, you will see, at least you have a lot of weight, is to make people to know you, gradually understand you.

so many people are wondering why they can’t make money, they don’t know what they do, and they start from there. In fact, you are controlled by your brain and restricted. Try to do something else and relax yourself. Go back to consider, not to play, now the Internet more you more rules fail fast. People like to touch and understand new things.

tap your latent abilities and don’t be restrained by routine. Break the rules. Don’t be afraid of having no skill or experience. Those are not the main ones.

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