recently on the Internet often encounter someone asked: what type of website should now be more promising? This question I think in this impetuous network, now the website is not lost, no sense of direction? Or the emergence of climacteric syndrome.

dates back to the end of last century, our website has gone through ten year, from the beginning of the “qq2014” to the crazy pursuit of visits, now and then to make money for the central idea of the community and our individual owners always represent the advanced productive forces of the Internet community with the times. In any case, the website is the mainstream trend of personal webmaster in order to make money and achieve their own career. 撸吧社区

then, what kind of personal website is the best way to make money now? This question has no real significance. It is the secret that can not be divulged. Many things are not working out. If the HAO123 webmaster Li Xingping in 2000 when the station went to the forum to send a card to tell you, do the site is promising, I believe that every webmaster self-confidence can make such as HAO123 page, and then at that time there will be a large number of Web site, HAO123 enough to drown, “he carve up the homepage” the market, then there is the myth of HAO123 today? Say, a carrot a pit, others do a certain type of website can be successful, does not mean that you can succeed, this is not to say that success can not be copied, but when you see others succeed, it means you have lost access to the a successful time and opportunity. What is an opportunity? An opportunity is someone who doesn’t know, and you know, once the method is known to the earth, the opportunity automatically fails.

in the gold over the Internet, each type of website is rich, if the ore dug, dug the mine, in the end it is only to give others the sedan chair, serve as cannon fodder role. Why not pick one of our most familiar plots for digging? We need to recognize our strengths and weaknesses, and determine what types of websites we are based on. Personal website is the biggest advantage of civilians, appealing to visitors, the most important thing is to do the site of exquisite, fully excavate the site depth, but also to integrate into their own thoughts and personality are the most incisive to the site, it is best to let visitors see the station as one. Only the website has a vivid image, can make a deep impression on visitors, if go to your website and go to other websites, there is no difference, that means your website is really a failure.

do what you love best: only then will you be able to persevere and stay the course. Personal websites don’t have too many ideas. The only idea is to make your website feel the best you can. Don’t be swayed by the opinions of visitors. When the site has not started to make money, do not consider how to make money, and only when you suddenly find that the site has started to make money for you, then consider the problem of money. Because a lot of times you feel

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