water boat can capsize, the user for the website is equivalent to the water, if the water is not satisfied with you, fierce waves soon and you can be overturned, website also will fail, and how to enhance the user experience, it should start from the analysis of their website


how can analyze your web site user experience how? The best way is to let your friends or friends to your site to see, certainly not the professional website or website design, just ordinary Internet users on the line, in addition to combine the webmaster tools, such as Internet users look at the residence time in the the inside of the web page and web browsing quantity analysis, through the emotional and rational analysis can effectively grasp the lack of your website user experience! And usually a web user experience is not enough reason to have the following four


1: the website page opens very slowly,

is a website open speed is not more than 7 seconds, the user through the search engine to find your site, click on your web site, if the waiting time is long, the first will think you website is not professional, there is no need to continue to wait, this is a lot to save the construction cost choose some, the poor quality of the hosts, in addition to the website program use is poor, the running speed is too slow, naturally leads to the site open speed too slow, too many pictures can easily lead to site opened slowly, after a series of investigation, will lift up the speed of the open web site!

two: page design confusion or simple use, site building program comes with template

is now a lot of people are building a website by CMS’s own website template, so more and more people use the template, on the Internet is everywhere, but the user opens many web pages are found consistent, which naturally makes them very disgusted, but some is the result of their improvement, but the site the format has become even more confusing, sometimes let users find a theme to half a day, this is because most of the website construction is to do a lot of technical background, and the design is often bad, if the design is really not, than to the A5 forum mission area released a web graphic design task, although spend money, but can greatly enhance the user experience! This is a very good


three: ad placement affects user experience

many websites the main profit model is advertising, and then click around in place ads, now some sites in the upper half of the page opens all advertising, but also is a kind of GIF advertising, flash, need to scroll down to see the content of the website, the website user experience so natural is poor, just for advertising and advertising, perhaps a short time to make a profit, but for the long-term development of the site is extremely unfavorable, it is now many of these sites are unable to continue! And now a lot of net.

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