remember the classic cartoons? "Gourd brothers" and a "King Kong" gourd, gourd brothers each have superhuman skills, then alone after all failed, King Kong gourd gourd generation skills all inherited, so the failure rate is small a lot of construction sites in Shanghai, found known this several years of resurgence, comparison and a lot of Baidu products, covering almost all the advantages of Baidu products like


known as a real network quiz community, to provide users with an answer to the platform, its propaganda slogan is "and share your knowledge, experience and insights" world! So, relatively similar products including Baidu, Baidu, Baidu, Baidu know experience question and answer these platform, know almost these products are then aggregate, Baidu, Baidu and many other products will know the advantages of the whole collection of how much energy


"Wei Zexi" event can be said to be a milepost, know the development we know, content and industry events involving Wei Zexi too wide, however, the focus is the final opinion of Baidu, in the Wei Zexi after the incident, Baidu shares tumbled, and even Robin Li have to speak out, to write a Baidu employee the internal channel for public relations, the final bidding Baidu also made adjustments, a price not more than 4 words…… In, know actually know Baidu, therefore, resorted to the killer is the most deadly, of course, this is just a beginning! Then in the know platform outbreak of a bid, knows the strength is strong


so, know where is the power? From the known initial registration system, it is not difficult to find, is the circle of people, to each recommendation, this closed registration system, once the win over the most excellent talents for the Internet, all the time in question, but also try to avoid mediocrity, from from the perspective of different professional level of understanding, answer, elite is of great power, until know open registration, use the mode of sharing. And Baidu’s related products? Can not doubt, the amount of related products Baidu yes, but worthy of the connotation of the depth of the answer and know about comparison, it will be a lot worse!


, for example, the most controversial drop taxi problem, for example, we look at users in different platforms have raised what questions, what answers have been obtained?.

with "how to" taxi drops prospects, Baidu, Baidu, Baidu know Post Bar experience of Baidu products were found, had a similar problem, in Baidu know, the answer is very simple, the 3 answer, basically is a word that, while Baidu experience mainly introduces how to use the taxi drops software use the taxi software and other differences, so Baidu Post Bar.

to know the platform, users to answer to more comprehensive, illustrated, and we give the answers from different perspectives, if the bounce rate for the same problem, resides in Baidu know no more than one minute, and know.

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