website, as a collection of web pages on the Internet and a platform for information exchange and sharing, is not only a medium, but also a product. Running a website is like running a product. Not only the technical level of website building, SEO, daily updates and maintenance. Also need to site promotion and planning, determine the profit model. No clear profit model, as if the product can not find sales channels, your site will be difficult to long-term development.

and the establishment of profit model is based on the user positioning of the website. Because the general nature of the site is not like search engines for all users of the entire network. Because of the different nature and content of different websites, the groups of users they attract are different. Although the majority of users of the website cross, but also as an independent group exists.

most of the site’s profit or advertising, it seems that website is the content of the service, but after all the content and services are all in order to obtain the flow, the production of users, with the user’s attention, will have advertisers willing to put advertising. This is somewhat similar to the newspaper and TV earnings model, which sells the attention of users to advertisers, which can be divided into websites.

so, what kind of user does the site appeal to determines which way the site is profitable?. If you just want to make a website, hang a GG, earn some pocket money, then you don’t need to think about what kind of user positioning. If you want your station to develop for a long time and continue to make money, then you need to pinpoint the user base of your site. Different user groups contain different business opportunities. If the user is vague, they will not have their own brand and personality, and the viscosity of the website will also decrease. You can’t choose the right advertiser according to your user characteristics. When advertisers see a lack of viscosity on your site, users go through without conversion. Or your website user group is not the potential client of advertiser, so also very difficult to get the favour of advertiser.

, for example, take SNS, which is becoming more and more popular now. Happy network users are office workers, white-collar workers who work in offices all day long. The user orientation of the campus network is the student community. My long stay is the family of many people. A clear and accurate user positioning allows websites to assemble more of the same type of people. This will not only attract advertisers interested in the relevant users, but also can gather businesses to provide discounts for members, online shopping, discounts, concessions and other introduced SNS, so that the site’s profit model out. Another example is the 3ren network, it claims for anyone, anything, any service provided, this positioning is very vague, not all people are interested in the 3ren network, users from positioning characteristics of products, profits will become difficult.

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IM software is also a good example. QQ, MSN, Baidu, hi, Sina, UC are our commonly used IM software, but the location is different, and their business opportunities are different. They all come from >

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