website is a painful thing, especially when hungry, more irritable, always think there are shortcuts and cheats, until now found that the recent road is to adhere to the "all the way to the end."". In this personal experience to say, I hope you exhibitions.

last year registered home store copy to the website, the idea is the home store daily traffic of about 300, if a website will face the world, that is what traffic ah, also checked related sites are less, not to mention I have a price advantage to supply. When is the "win".


1: originally planned to do a website within a month, the result for me to do the station brother, the whole three months or so to do a good job, mainly because he is part-time. Originally more impatient character, more can not stand.

two: the site out every day on less than 100 of the flow, most friends still help click, and now know that the site needs more publicity than the entity store, what ranking ah, advertising ah.

three: the first 6 months earned a total of 300 yuan, about 18000 of the cost of living and websites.

pressure came, the family jokes me, good work not to do (* * * did not go), do website, make money cry ah. Friends do not say me, are young people, understand. The key is that I can not stand a little, and do not do confused oh


insists on doing something:

updates the site every day and looks for links to

to the Forum blog posts everywhere, almost a mass;

store, the old customer calls, the first sentence is to tell him our website;

before delivery is a package, put a business card, and then directly put five to ten, let him give the rest of the business card to his most in need of friends, the effect is good Oh,

looking for the right place, forum advertising, some forums about 200 of the flow than some thousands of traffic station effect is good, pay attention to choose the right forum.

customer maintenance: establish customer files and send regular quotations to them

now: not hungry, earn a little money.

discussion: a lot of friendship connection can improve the rankings, regardless of whether related, as long as the station is seriously, regardless of the level of PR I do, the same effect on the page. My station ranking is so from tenth to the first. I don’t know who can point it out. At the same time welcome friendship connection

buy: a large number of professional forum advertising or local station advertising, price discussion.

since you have chosen, stick to it. Wish the world stationmaster all make money, collaboration is happy. Sometimes we are rivals, but more often, we need friends.

thank you

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