my website is more like a blog than a website. Yes, I built it in WordPress and adapted it. Luckily, I’m a technical background. But the station soon felt very long. Because a month may be short for a person’s life, but for a website it does seem to be the first 20 years of a perfect person, from birth, to baby, to youth, and then to adulthood.

The idea of

has long been haunting the brain, and as a software developer, there’s an urge to do it. Technology is definitely not a problem, time is the bottleneck. Of course, the main site is not technically, planning, promotion, marketing operations. I think for a long time, have also deterred impulse because of fear, no time, fear of death. Until one day, browse to Admin5, read the story of some webmaster, found that this can be regarded as the sweet and sour experience of life. So decided to get one, to take a site out, it took 2 days.

but for the first month, every short paragraph is not going well.

was busy making changes to the theme in the first week, looking for something and was very reckless. I can say my website was born third days from my idea and registered with Baidu google. The first week to change the page, add a little something. The site looks very sick. Probably because of WordPress, the first week was Google Baidu included. Second weeks are busy looking for some optimization methods, mainly for the title of the article, make some changes, the meaning of the title of the article for keywords such as "how to replace the registration website address" changed to "Google registration registration address – Baidu website registration, increase these articles in the relevant keywords ranking. Third thoughtful, some blog center, free web link, do some registration, increase access statistics. Further enhancing content. Change the permanent link in the fourth week and change the layout again.

The three revision of the site layout theme

a month, add 65 articles, 10 pages; Google results is included in 110 pages, PR from the gray just turns 0, the daily average of 50 daily IP access to the current site also changes. I hope within 2 months to finalize the design, and can be PR to 1, because the purchase link is good, but I don’t. The first three months should be a process of development, modification, adjustment and adaptation.

spent an average of less than 3 hours a day on Revision maintenance this month, accounting for almost half of my spare time. This site is not ideal, the so-called pay too much returns too little. Of course, the right to be a beginner’s tuition. This month’s conclusion, only starts at the beginning of reference.

1., do a good job of site positioning, planning, programs, and then start. Is the so-called demand has been set, and then start the site.

2. website begins to take shape again on line. You’ll get it from the start

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