said that although the electricity supplier tax as a hanging head in many shop owner Rick Damour’s sword, will make a lot of small shopkeepers in a sharp decline in profitability at the corner, but this did not stop the enthusiasm of people to join the Taobao store, because in many shopkeepers operating Taobao store has been from the original full-time began gradually to part-time so, even if the shop is a little less profit, it is acceptable, but now the Taobao store operations can also be entrusted to a professional agency to take care of the shop, it can further reduce the shopkeepers operation time, but also can increase profits, so Taobao shop is still popular theme.

but as a shopkeeper to operate Taobao store, if you are not able to locate your shop, so the work is difficult to carry out the operation, ready to enter the shop open shop in the quasi shopkeepers, before you think about what I should sell, what is my masterpiece, my short board operation where, how to find the corresponding personnel or organization to help me solve, only the localization work, can effectively promote the work.

one, first of all to think about what kind of product to choose

in the shop before the operation, we must think about the choice of what kind of products, now can sell Taobao products are rich and colorful, what kind of products is you want to sell, not only to see whether these products are profits, can not see the product sales volume is terrible, but can not see these products are not sharp growth, in fact, as the owner just grab a bit, that is the product you are not very familiar with, do you have a good understanding of this product, only based on familiar with the technical level and top sales, you will find that your knowledge will allow you to shop considerably.

two, the construction of professional grade online shop


wants to sell the product positioning, following a positioning is very important, that is to combine the product features to create professional shop, shop decoration and design is to meet the overall characteristics of online sales of products, if you are selling e-books, web site design and decoration design style is your kind of garish the first, will not let people feel your style is not high, will make some of the potential consumers out of the shop, of course as a shopkeeper may not be able to store operations on the technical work everything, after all shop architecture is very large, what things are Qinliqinwei, it is possible to become as a group to labor shop business, not only can not get huge profits, but it will also because of overwork cause health damage, so pen That in the shop design and decoration on the shop looking for a professional design company to help take care of, as long as you locate good shop products, you can harvest the design professional. This can provide your shop considerably.

three, online products sourcing options

in the online product positioning, the supply of choice is clearly the main event, you >

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