I have to answer for this problem is certainly possible, but the quality of " depends on your method and your website "; from the beginning to now I do stand 40 days! My site is a navigation station, although said online is not easy to do, but I do not think that again, I believe that as long as you have the confidence. I can hold on to my website for half a year and it will develop very well. Yes, my website is www.hao623.com and HAO123, a little bit the same. Let’s get back to the point.

            if you want to make money through web site, you must first have a certain amount of traffic in order to make money, and now many people use the brush. It’s just fooling yourself. It’s no use. Just search engines don’t want it. My website is now confiscated by Baidu. Other things are collected, I do not know what is the matter. But I from the site to now, Ali mother has earned 40 veterans, that is, one yuan per day, some people may not believe, but what I said is true. Also hope to see people can give some suggestions. The literary grace is bad, and the writing is very bad. Don’t mind oh.

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