for a long time no writing, and today suddenly there is writing the impulse, because I found a very strange thing, and want to share with you, I believe that for many webmaster will be a little help. If you don’t talk much about it, talk about what I’ve encountered and how to solve it today.

I have a small QQ space player, Links inspection tool has been used to check the usual caoshangfei Links. Today, when I checked the link, I found that the result of the link check is very strange. There are some links that I haven’t done at all. The websites are some stocks, welfare lottery and so on. I thought it was a webmaster helper network is a problem, then contact caoshangfei, this problem seems caoshangfei seen many times, he quickly pointed out a problem, that is my website may be SEO to black people, hanging some hidden links. Later on, the code found that, indeed, the home page code has been added to some hidden links. Screenshot as follows:


didn’t think Links inspection tools have such a feature, if directly through the artificial to check on the page Links words, estimates will never find their own web pages to be modified, added some hidden Links. Suggest never use the links check tools, check links, and quickly try, see if your website has been black out, be added to the hidden friendship links.

here, by the way, why do these people need to add some hidden links? With caoshangfei exchanges that:

Master SEO

now, and not to find the chicken after the horse, but using these sites to do outside the chain, to improve the ranking. Because of the links on these sites, are one-way links, relatively high weight, for their own site ranking helpful. Here are some hidden link skills, if directly is the display property to set the DIV by HTML NONE, so the hidden links will be search engine that is cheating, not only did not help, but may bring negative effects to the site. And as you all know, Baidu doesn’t recognize JavaScript very well. So here’s a little trick to output hidden DIV through javascript. In this case, the links cannot be seen manually through the page, and the search engine confirms that these links are valid. The code is: first, write the previous DIV through JavaScript, and set display to none. Then you output a table, and table contains the links you want to hang. Finally, the second half of the output is passed through the JavaScript Div. To achieve success, hang up hidden links. Now, this black station has become one of SEO’s favorite ways of doing it.

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