website on what money, products, content, flow? Many websites are ignoring a premise, so many sites on the Internet, users why spend money on your site? He must agree with your website, that your site must be sticky, users will most willing to spend money on you site.

has increased the amount of visitors to attract new visitors, but more importantly, to retain repeat customers, but this part of people in the total statistics accounted for an absolute proportion of passengers. So, in the process of building the website, we should pay attention to the viscosity of the website to the user. The following methods are able to effectively increase the viscosity of the website, and hope to discuss with you:

1, web design features, have their own ideas, and not completely imitate other people’s ideas come over.

has many websites, itself does not have the characteristic, the column plan relies on copy, the content depends on copy, the design relies on copy, all is copy, this kind of website viscosity is very low. There are some websites have some characteristics, but its characteristics like the ancient big girl a year, deeply hidden, not very prominent out, at the first time to tell the user.

if your website has no features, quickly find out the characteristics of your website, try to highlight it, and let your users go to your website to know your features. Then the viscosity of your site will be greatly improved.

2, the site structure is clear, just think of a web column section is not clear, let the user to the website to find things that need very inconvenient, this website will not be sure users like.

many domestic websites have a problem, that is imitation, and again is the pursuit of face project. For example, the design of web pages. You can often see, most of the domestic web site opens, the home page is a few screens, it seems that there is no screen, their website is not enough atmosphere. Why is this called the atmosphere? Because Sina, Sohu, NetEase and other portals are like this.

The design style of

this "atmosphere", can really scare many people, so many people feel your website is a website, but not on the web site to eat and survive. Website want to stick to the user, design or need humanization some, more from the user’s point of view to go out, consider how to design can more convenient user, so that can really improve the viscosity of the web site.

3, the content of the site is mostly original, authoritative, very small theme, this should be the most important thing.

4, web site speed, imagine a website has not opened a minute, and then the patient has to go.

this one is key, if your site open speed is very slow, every user to open a page will be waiting, waiting for the feeling is very uncomfortable, will let users have confused in mind feeling, customers have the feeling is certainly not how to love your website, not to mention to the every day.

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