off time continuous hair, Ding Tao case analysis lesson: local site operators and Ding Tao case analysis of the second class: Taobao customer site operators (interested friends can go to Baidu search), did not expect so much love, every day a lot of mail mailbox. We also generally reflect the long narrative is somewhat cumbersome, so starting today I try refining articles, remove some words, and from the site of the case, discuss the operation of the road and you.

case 1: Oriental Wealth Net – China’s largest financial website

The status of in industry all obvious to people, since March 2004, with authoritative, comprehensive, timely and professional advantages, continuously ranked first in China financial websites.

Prior to

, we know the real development of the Internet Chinese peak has two waves, the first wave is based on Sina, NetEase, Sohu, several Internet Co Baidu as the representative of the turn of the century is established, the second wave is Taobao, Eastern wealth as the representative of the second wave of Internet Co, the first representative enterprises have been listed, second the wave reached the listing standards, from the market is only one step away. is now the position of industry leader, many people say it is people rich and powerful, drop out of money. However, we all think carefully, China’s financial and financial websites tens of thousands, the initial capital than the Eastern wealth of the network is not a small number, why is the East wealth network done, and made the industry famous brand?. Ding Tao division believes that the East wealth net achievements today, mainly for the following reasons:


1. content! Content is king" is especially true in the internet. We have found such a phenomenon, the past two years the game super grand Tencent take cities and seize territory, super happy network to steal food, music, super TT Player, but on the portal site although traffic over Sina, but in the brand influence and income is far less than sina. The reason is very simple, the Tencent do content play but Sina, Chen Tong website content in the Chinese should be the first person, sina Chen Tong in a day, but Sina Tencent one day play, of course a year recently Tencent also pay attention to the content, the home of the most prominent position not to place ads on the seat, but today’s topic today’s topic, everyone knows the huge traffic, nearly two years also made a famous brand of network news, many local news websites have to follow. Last night and today’s topic Tencent responsible person chat, although did not disclose the flow of every day, but I guess just today’s topic this column in today’s independent visits can also enter the Chinese site 100. We think, even plagiarism is consistent with known Tencent are beginning to force the content owners, what are you waiting for? Feel shy, they pull away, let us focus on transfer to, in the ordinary view, financial website content is very well done, funded under the premise with the newspapers, magazines, television and other media content sharing, then ask some industry experts say a column, "

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